XPO 929 Has Been Shut Down

An “anonymous source” has advised me that beloved Bushwick DIY space XPO 929 has been shut down; a real shame especially after the long long longgggggg renovation the venue just underwent in an attempt to further legitimize the space, which was known as Party XPO in its more raucous days.

We don’t have any other details at this time, but we’ll miss you, XPO. We put on a couple of shows at the renovated space in the past year, and thought they had done an amazing job getting the space up and running. Bullet Media did a great job a few months back chronicling the labor of love that went into the space, in their blog post How to Start a DIY Venue: The Story of XPO 929, required text for today.

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  • Bones Howell

    I was co-owner of xpo 929. we were shutdown because we were in 75k of debt to the landlord. He didn’t “pull the plug” on the venue. He just was tired of not getting paid his rent. Eviction is an expected consequence of not paying the rent and it happens to the worst of us. Luckily, only one of the previous owners managed to piss off the landlord beyond reconciliation and all of the other owners/investors are currently in the final rounds of negotiation to reopen XPO 929 as a new club which will be certainly much better than what it was before.