Andrew WK Talks “Elephant Man”

It’s sort of a bizarre pick for perpetual party dude Andrew WK, but IFC Center has invited him to select a film to screen and discuss with the audience, and he’s selected David Lynch’s classic (and ultra-depressing) film, The Elephant Man. The screening and discussion will take place on Thursday at 7 p.m. at IFC Center, which is at 323 Avenue of the Americas (right by the W 4th st station on the F train.)

If you haven’t seen the film, it’s a visually striking and emotionally affecting biopic of the tragic figure John Merrick, a “Victorian-era freak” who was chastised since childhood and managed to remain a gentle and charming individual. It’s a more linear and “human” narrative; something of a tear-jerker and is sort of an outlier in the Lynch catalog, in that regard.

WK will perform a special song inspired by the film after the screening, in addition to the discussion. Thematically, Elephant Man is somewhat uplifting and encourages perseverance in spite of extreme adversity, perhaps more in-line with Andrew WK’s “live life to the fullest” philosophy than I realized at first blush.

Tickets are still available.