New Study Reveals We Need More L Service

A new study by Carson Quig, an NYU grad student, reveals what we all already knew via the eyeball test; the L train is just as crowded at 1 AM as it is during rush hour, particularly the Bedford Ave stop.

Who doesn’t know the AGONY of just missing the L after a night of hard drinking and/or general debauchery, only to be stuck on the platform for twenty excruciating minutes, cursing your last minute decision to pick up a couple tacos from Tacos Morelos? Story of my goddamn life.

Brooklyn Paper delved a bit deeper into this one, reaching out to MTA officials to see if they’ll address the need for more late night trains. There’s some light at the end of the tunnel, it would seem.

Agency spokesman Kevin Ortiz said transit experts must conduct more studies before determining if changes are warranted — but he said it’s clear ridership on the L is going to continue to increase.

“Our ops planning department has and will continue to study ridership patterns, but it’s no secret the L is seeing higher ridership — that’s why we added trains in June,” said Ortiz, whose agency recently started running an additional 98 weekly round-trips on the L train, including 16 new jaunts each weekday, 11 out-and-backs on Saturdays, and seven journeys on Sundays.