Who is Lux Petit?


We’ve been on the hunt for secret shows ever since we stumbled upon The Modern Weepers at Mercury Lounge a couple years ago. Today, we think we may have found one. Mercury Lounge just announced a show on March 3 with Lux Petit, The Golden Age of Radio and Oscar Albis Rodriguez. This is the description of Lux Petit on the Mercury Lounge’s web site:

Lux Petit is a troupe of French existentialists and nihilists, united in their disregard for the current state of musical entertainment. This will be their first trip to the U.S.

We have scoured Google, Facebook and Twitter for mentions of this mysterious band of French revolutionaries and found nothing. So, is this a bigger band playing a secret smaller show? A group of aging comedians doing a bit for a movie? Or an actual band with no web presence? What do YOU think?