Lisa/Liza on BTR Hear & There

Lisa/Liza is the project of Portland, Maine’s Liza Victoria. This ethereal-sounding folk singer has an appropriately hazy mystique about her, offering little more in biographical detail than where she calls home. We know there’s more to the story, but it’s not important. Her gentle songs have such a fragile quality that they just barely make it out of her body, and the reward when they do is high. At this shoot, she spoke about wanting to play electric guitar, and contemplating the addition of more instruments and collaborators; in the time since then, she’s performed as a duo with a saw player and later added a drummer plus, boldly, an electric guitar. This is a fresh, evolving project, captured here at a critical point, just as changes were bubbling up and about to come to fruition, but while still performing solo with only an acoustic guitar — train interruptions and all.

In this, the third in a series of BTR Hear & There episodes shot on location in Maine in collaboration with, Lisa/Liza performs solo on a foggy day in the backyard of her apartment building in Portland, Maine’s West End.

Featured song: “There In The Water”

Watch the video here:

BTRtv is the video department for BreakThru Radio. We produce a number of music-based programs featuring talented artists performing in our studios and sitting down for interviews (BTR Live Studio and Serious Business on BTR) or in interesting locations (BTR Hear & There).

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