Forgotten Legend Dr. Dre Celebrated Tonight

Tonight, the obsessive cultural historians at 285 Kent celebrate the life and career of reclusive Los Angeles electro-funk legend Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. Happy birthday Andre!

The oft-forgotten Young, a self-professed “human aphrodisiac”  with a “PhD in Mixology”, rose to prominence with the funky mid-80s electro-rap group World Class Wreckin’ Cru. The Cru, best known as inventors of the Cabbage Patch Dance, were frequent collaborators with Arabian Prince. They also inspired many later artists.

Thanks to 285 Kent for shining a light on this forgotten gem. Perhaps with EDM culture reaching somewhat of a renaissance recently, more dedicated chroniclers will find reason to shine a light on the party legends of this ancient era.

Tonight’s celebration is, of course, hosted by a man who needs no introduction: world-famous master DJ Cosmo Baker.

With Nick Hook, Egg Foo Young, and Project Matt. Free gin early.

Tickets available here.

Oh yeah, he also did some less noteworthy stuff later in his career: