EULA “I Collapse” b/w “Little Hearts”

I saw EULA last year at a free booze party at Delinquency off Grand. They were impressive but for some reason didn’t stick in mind to write down to look up later. Maybe it was the million tiny plastic cups of whiskey. And now I kick myself! Because these two songs they’ve released are in a word: awesome.

As Pitchfork pointed out yesterday, the new EULA single’s A-side “I Collapse” is most definitely reminiscent of Karen O vocally and further, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s first album Fever to Tell.

I really liked what their mixer Nick Sylvester wrote up about the band, and more generally the shifting of the music scene in 2013. A snippet:

“Because not unlike last time punk became post-, the new loudness is… weirdness. You’re loud and fast but who fucking cares! How many bands can “blow your face off” before you can’t tell the difference between them anymore? That’s what I like about EULA. You can keep your face! They merely want to turn you inside out.”

You can read the rest of what he said HERE. Listen to both tracks below. EULA play a release party for them at Death by Audio next Thursday the 21st.

  • Peter Rittweger