Phoenix’s New Album Is Out April 22

It’s called Bankrupt! if you haven’t heard, and we’re hopeful that Thomas Mars’ ever-growing celebrity doesn’t result in an album bankrupt of artistic quality and vision.

Phoenix are poised to be the next stadium-sized indie act (if they’re not there already), headlining Coachella and recording their album on the same console the king of pop’s magnum opus Thriller was recorded on, a presumably costly piece of equipment the band purchased just for the record. They recently announced some North American dates in addition to Coachella, but nothing on the east coast yet. I guess they’re debating Barclays or the Garden? Or both?

Check out the tracklist below.


01 Entertainment
02 The Real Thing
03 SOS in Bel Air
04 Trying to Be Cool
05 Bankrupt!
06 Drakkar Noir
07 Chloroform
08 Don’t
09 Bourgeois
10 Oblique City