Kool A.D. “Moneyball”

Late last week we found out Das Racist alum Kool A.D. was coming out with not one, but two albums/mixtapes this month, 19 and 63. That announcement came with the first single and video: “Eroika.” Now there’s a second track, “Moneyball.”

The crystallized watery beat is Mike Finito, who is no stranger to A.D. or DR. About three-quarters of the way through, that beat slowwwwws down, AD drawls through a few lines and then it cuts off. This only left me wanting more- it’s just asking for multiple listens. There’s a Shabazz reference in there too.

19 and 63 should be out Thursday so keep an eye out on our blog. You can peep the track lists via the “Eroika” link above.