Dead Herring is Moving

If you weren’t at the Dead Herring closing party this past weekend with Hunters, Moonmen on the Moon, Man, Necking and The Immaculates, chances are you probably didn’t hear that the beloved five-dollar show slinging DIY space isn’t actually closing, it’s simply moving to a new location on North 1st and Wythe, as the Village Voice was kind enough to point out.

Dead Herring resident Jeff Seal had the following to say to the Voice:

They raised the rent $1,000.  Normally we Jew them down–I’m a Jew, so I can say that–but not this time. They’re like, ‘we want you to leave because if you move out, we’ll refurbish it and charge more’…we found a better place at North First and Wythe. We lucked out, it was the first place we found.

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