Daft Punk Is Releasing A New Album

Who isn’t releasing a new album this year?

Ad Hoc just reported that Daft Punk will be releasing their first full length since 2006′s (kinda blah) Tron Legacy soundtrack (fuck, it’s really been that long?) and it’ll be on a major label, Columbia Records. Panda Bear and Giorgio Moroder will guest on the currently untitled (to the general public, at least) LP, which is out “sometime in May.”

Cue the “when does Daft Punk go on?” comments…

  • Tyler

    Whats a guy gotta do to get a Daft Punk/Knife double bill around here?

  • http://www.mysociallist.com Peter Rittweger

    Maybe Daft Punk is the Governor’s Ball MYSTERY HEADLINER????