Silent Barn Public Meeting On Curation Tonight

Ever wonder just how in the hell venues and promoters manage to put on amazing shows night in and night out in Brooklyn? Gain some insight tonight at Silent Barn’s sixth public meeting from a distinguished panel of curators and promoters; a venerable who’s who in Brooklyn cultural happenings: Ric Leichtung (Ad Hoc, 285 Kent), Lea Bertucci (Silent Barn, Dense Mesh), Ben Sisto (Public Assembly, Coco66, 92Y Tribeca), Amirtha Kidambi (Issue Project Room) and Alex Bilig (Hillstock.) The panel will be moderated by Silent Barn’s Alison Sirico and will also be livestreamed for those avoiding a sub-arctic trek down Bushwick Ave.

There will also be a live show featuring TONSTARTSSBANDHT, Peopling and Matt Sullivan. Doors are at 8 PM and things get going around 8:30.

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Let’s talk about the curation (and booking) of live music/perfomance events, from theory to practice. From attempting to create and facilitate new meaning or communities though carefully chosen cohesion, divergence, or interplay between artists to the the nitty gritty of the booking world, there’s a lot to discuss.

There are thousands of bands in New York. How do you decide who to even listen to? How you make that pool small enough to manage?

What qualities do you look for when you book a band? What do you think about when you are putting a bill together?

What is your advice to bands that are starting out? What is the best way for them to get shows in your venue/ or any venues?

603 Bushwick Ave
J/M to Myrtle-Broadway
L to Morgan