Coachella Responds To Governor’s Ball

Coachella has long been the standard-bearer for music festivals, at least as far as lineup quality goes. However, after yesterday, it would seem that there’s a new kid on the block (maybe they’re the mysterious third headliner?) to lay claim to their indie canonical curated crown and her name is Governor’s Ball.


There’s no way Coachella could have been prepared for the towering lineup of indie giants Founders Entertainment has amassed for the always well-run but only moderately exciting Randall’s Island affair. They’ve responded today with a totally cryptic video on their website that’s part “not so fast… remember us?” and part “damn, that shit was TIGHT, WTF are we gonna do? We better put something out there quick, lulz.”

The video, which we have embedded below, is entitled Bloom. Is it an allusion to the Radiohead song of the same name? The Beach House album? A really bad adaptation of Ulysses? Who knows… but we’re excited to see what they’ve got in store for us. It’s only a matter of time, but one has to wonder if Coachella will have the same draw this year with a gigantic festival on the other side of the continent making things a bit more convenient for a high percentage of festival-goers.

Festival Supremacy: This is the real East Coast/West Coast War.