Mail The Horse visits BreakThru Radio

Mail The Horse recently visited BreakThru Radio for a session of Serious Business on BTR.

Mail The Horse is a grunge gospel/country rock band that found its start in New Hampshire before moving to Brooklyn, NY. The band still has a New England connection through their Western MA-based label, TinyRadars, which is also home to fellow Serious Business on BTR favorites, Bunny’s A Swine. Interweaving melodies, soul, and Americana influences along the lines of Dylan and the Boss are bolstered by a healthy sense of humor to drive these love songs to the failure of love. The guys played some tunes and sat down with Travis to talk about spending all your money at your place of work, getting robbed by strippers in Nashville, and using every room of the house in making a record.

Here’s the video from the session:

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