MoMA PS1 Reveals New Warm-Up Installation

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Photos via Gothamist

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the “party wall,” made of eco-friendly (as required) reclaimed wood from leftover skateboard manufacturing materials and designed by CODA, an experimental architecture firm based out of Ithica, NY. The installation should be completed by June.

UPDATE: Lineup has been unveiled! No word on who’s going to play Warm-Up this year yet. The lineup is historically released late in the festival announcement season (which we’re rapidly approaching), but you can be sure we’ll let you know who you’ll be spending your Sundays with this summer up in Long Island City as soon as we get word.

Via PS1′s announcement:

The porous façade is affixed to a tall self-supporting steel frame that is balanced in place with large fabric containers filled with water, and clad with a screen of interlocking wooden elements donated by Comet, an Ithaca-based manufacturer of eco-friendly skateboards.

The lower portion of the Party Wall’s façade is capable of shedding its “exterior,” as 120 panels can be detached from the structure and used as benches and communal tables during Warm Up and other diverse events and programs such as lectures, classes, performances, and film screenings.

A shallow stage of reclaimed wood weaves around Party Wall’s base to create a series of micro-stages for performances of varying types and scales. At various locations under the structure, pools of water serve as refreshing cooling stations that can also be covered to provide additional staging space or a shaded area from the direct sunlight.

Party Wall’s steel-angle structure is ballasted by water-filled “pillows” made of polyester base fabric that will be lit at night to produce a luminous effect. Party Wall acts as an aqueduct by carrying a stream of water along the top of the structure. The water is projected from the structure, via a pressure-tank, into a fountain that feeds a misting station and a series of pools.