Iceage, “Coalition”

I’d be absurdly excited about this track on the other 364 days of the year; you know, the days where David Bowie doesn’t announce that he’s dropping a new album out of goddamn NOWHERE and shares a new music video. But I need to calm down for a minute and put on my “objective journalism” hat and maintain some degree of “professionalism.”

Iceage are a reasonably amazing Icelandic punk band with a presumably awesome sophomore album coming on on February 19, entitled You’re Nothing. Today, they have shared the first track off of said album on their blog, called Coalition. I can’t seem to embed it, but it’s here for your enjoyment this glorious Tuesday morning, if you can avert your eyes and ears from the awesomeness that is What Are We Now?

PS: Iceage are hopping an Iceland Air flight to tour America shortly, kicking things off here in Brooklyn at 285 Kent on January 25. If you can’t make that one, they play Home Sweet Home the following night with Pharmakon and Dream Affair.