Date Night: Crescent City Stomp at the McKittrick


My Social List is exploring the newest and best date night events and giving you the skinny, so you and your partner in crime are never left going to just another show at just another venue.  This is the first post in a series by Briana Wuagneux, so stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss these adventures…

The McKittrick Hotel has yet to leave us wanting. Crescent City Stomp was no exception.  There’s something electrifying about that prohibition time warp Big Easy style – the bar with a line up of bitters, fist sized ice cubes, and plenty Sazerac, Hurricanes, and fizzes to leave you in a NOLA haze for days. Sitting at the bar, people wax nostalgic about their Bourbon Street escapades as the bartender mists their glasses with absinthe to produce even more titillating conversation.

In the venue’s true fashion, we all felt as much a part of the atmosphere as we did running around Sleep No More – a bit voyeuristic but this time the green fairies carried us into a live music hall where the entertainers interacted with us. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band never disappoints. I’ve seen them enough times in N’awlins to know. The ping of the piano, the drooping slide of the trombone, the raspy rhythms of the vocals and the wham bam of the drums have the power to transport you to Frenchman Street on one of those thick, seductive, summer nights – a great vibe for a lover’s long night out.

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    So when are you taking me?