2013 Is Officially Underway

New York is the city that never sleeps, but as a wise man once said, “it takes a lot of fuckin’ weed naps.” The longest of said naps is a full on eggnog-induced hibernation around the holidays; beginning the week of Christmas and lasting all the way through the week of New Years. Venues are open, but their offerings are sorta half-baked (no one is in town) and the blog-o-sphere kicks things into auto-pilot, coasting on year end lists and entries about 4chan posts.

Well, its the first REAL Monday morning of the year now, and everyone is awake; especially on Kent Ave and South 2nd in Williamsburg.

Today, the fine folks at 285 Kent announced the first epic FREE show of 2013; Neon Indian (DJ), Class Actress, Erika Spring, Chairlift (DJ) and Lemonade (DJ), which takes place this Thursday.

The equally fine folks around the corner at Death By Audio also announced today that Holy Fuck will grace their stage on Saturday with Pigeons, Romantic States and Smoke Below. And that’s just 24 hours after Parquet Courts, PC Worship, Household, Gal Pals and Priests play the first of what should be a buzz-centric 2013 for the stoned and starving kids walking through Ridgewood, Queens.

Welcome to 2013!