The Weekender

5) The Indecent, Eula, Black on Brown, Sham-Poo at Shea Stadium

Well it’s officially happened, the first all-Brooklyn Weekender sweep, and the domination begins with the borough’s perhaps-someday-darlings Eula. Opening for the clean-faced, crusty-noised quartet The Indecent, Eula’s spiraling brand of Dali-esque indie, in some parallel time continuum, could make them the next Yeasayer. Thankfully this is earth and good bands occasionally get to stay good. Check it out at East Williamsburg Industrial Park’s finest lightly renovated warehouse space.

Saturday, doors at 8pm

4) Dysrythmia, Wreck and Reference, Soren, Planning for Burial at Saint Vitus

Trampled beneath the glacial funeral procession of doom metal, eyes gouged out by the errant Dio-horns of newly everywhere “vest metal” kids, prog metal, progcore, or whatever code name you assign to it, has been unfairly left to die by tributary-stream music media of late. The exclusion of Between the Buried and Me’s The Parallax II: Future Sequence from all year-end best-of lists being only the latest offense, Saint Vitus, with this number-crunching, face-melting bill, look to alleviate some bruised (and admittedly nerdy) feelings. Is 2013 the year of prog metal? Probably not, but this one is still a must see for all metal fans.

Saturday, doors at 8pm

3) Dinowalrus, Life Size Maps at Glasslands

What’s a Weekender without a noise show? The question is rhetorical but the answer is shitty. Local guys  Dinowalrus and Life Size Maps thankfully oblige on Saturday with a Glasslands show on the banks of New York’s Hatfield-McCoy property line otherwise known as the East River. Jagged, arty by post-contemporary school standards, and generally not giving too much of a fuck—the name Dinowalrus just about says it all—this one is sure to be both weird and worth it.

Saturday, doors at 8:30pm

2) The Wild, Kudrow, Timeshares, The Brooklyn What at Glasslands

The best NYC folk-punk bill since Andrew Jackson Jihad’s April set at the Knitting Factory (sorry Frank Turner), this one is a go if you like your acoustics turned to 11 and your wispy singer/songwriters singing about something other than how much their girlfriend rocks. Due to total fault of my own, our friends at Shea Stadium don’t get enough love in this weekly show-tryst so, in the essence of balancing my ever increasing influence in your live-music lives, this one is getting my shiny gold star award of the weekend. With great power comes great responsibility, folks.

Friday, doors at 8pm

1) Divining Rod at Glasslands

OK, it’s honesty time. Though we can mostly all agree that NYC, with the emergence of Brooklyn DIYs and the ability of the internet to stream albums to LA A&Rs faster than you can say Best New Music®©™, has once again become America’s preeminent music mating pit, the city’s folk scene has remained comparatively infantile (not so much in quality as development).  Gotham gig vet Miyuki Furtado’s newest project, Divining Rod, however, is exactly the kind of band that could kickstart an urban folk movement in the already flannelled and bearded bastions of Brooklyn. Or maybe it won’t, who cares? The only thing that matters is that Divining Rod will be at Glasslands on Sunday for this weekend’s best show. Be there.

Sunday, doors at 8:30pm


Honorable Mentions

What’s In a Name?

The Beach Arabs, Spewing Cum at the Cake Shop

One is the Loneliest Number

HEEMS of Das Racist at the Brooklyn Museum

Erectile Dysfunction Awareness Benefit

Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the McKittrick Hotel