Haze vs Banks: The 1st Great Beef of 2013

UPDATED: This one just doesn’t want to end. It took only a couple hours for Angel Haze to post another anti-Azealia track, this one very pointedly entitled Shut the Fuck Up. It’s streaming below as well.


UPDATED: Azealia has fired back with No Problems (hear it below) though she claims it isn’t a diss track (but the lyrics say otherwise.) She also claims Diplo called her and said On the Edge was written months ago.



A twitter war erupted between Angel Haze and Azealia Banks yesterday after Banks tweeted her disdain for New York City transplants calling the city their home. Haze took this as a personal attack. She was born and raised in Michigan but calls New  York her home; going as far as to say that she “runs New York” on her track New York.

Haze fired back with the first great rap diss track of 2013, On the Edge, which we have streaming below. The real knockout jab is that Haze claimed the track took her all of twenty minutes to spit out. Banks’ debut LP, Broke With Expensive Taste, of course, has been delayed repeatedly.