I Did A Guest List for Shea Stadium

The love-affair I have with Shea Stadium is far from a shameful, hidden schoolboy crush these days. It’s long been one of my favorite places to see a show.

So many memories; many of which I really wouldn’t want in print. As far as My Social List-related dealings go, we booked our Kickstarter show with Ava Luna and Total Slacker there, as well as the first night of the My Social List-sponsored Aputumpu festival. On a more personal level; I’ve had countless amazing nights on Meadow Street, catching a bunch of my favorite bands there over the years, many of which can now be found in my Shea Stadium Guest List.

If you’re not familiar with the concept; the crew over at Shea Stadium records audio from all of their shows, which they then share at their website for your listening pleasure (we even blogged about it once!) They then invite their favorite musicians, bloggers and other luminaries to create playlists of their favorite live Shea Stadium tracks.

I took a little while to put mine together. The result is what I’d call a towering eclectic mix of music the venue has curated over the past couple years; somewhat embarrassingly the longest list anyone has ever made Nora assemble on Soundcloud to date. Sorry Nora. Check it out below, and check out Shea’s upcoming calendar of events, while you listen.

  • Kitty

    I have a schoolboy crush on the hottie who wrote this post.

  • Kitty

    and on the Nebraska dude in the Reba t-shirt and that adorable french chick in Night Manager, who is in fact, I quote her reply to a silly question…”from france”.