The Weekender

5) Deer Tick, Two Gallants at Maxwell’s

Kicking this Weekender off in suitably retro fashion—with four of the five inclusions including some combination of suspenders, banjos, and whiskey/women lyrical themes—Providence roots ramblers Deer Tick follow up their recent Brooklyn Bowl residency with an intimate west-of-the-Hudson gig that looks to provide a suitable tri-state swan song for the super-fans. Of course, even if you aren’t a front row shout-along pseudo-groupie, this show, given Deer Tick’s penchant for good times rock n’ roll, is great way to get a jumpstart on your resolution to have more f’n fun in 2013.

Friday, doors at 8pm

4) The Felice Brothers at Maxwell’s

Though the first of two groups of “brothers” on this weekend’s top five slate have some fairly massive opening slots lined up (a bill-payer for Mumford and Sons at the Barclays and a slightly more legit pre-Josh Ritter spot at Terminal 5) this humble Maxwell’s gig is the must see. Leading the post neo-folk charge with some decidedly avant sensibilities, The Felice Bros are sure to have the Jersey tiny venue rocking in true Hoboken ho-down fashion on New Year’s Eve Eve. Don’t forget ‘dem dancing boots, partner.

Sunday, doors at 8pm

3) Cro-Mags, Sheer Terror, Rude Awakening, Brain Slug at Highline Ballroom

While Cro-Mags last NYC show played out like a Burzum v. Euronymous for the hardcore set, this one (hopefully) promises to feature significantly less band member-on-band member shivvings. If you are looking to expel some demons/2012 frustrations, or just enjoy the Highline Ballroom’s awesomely and eyebrow raisingly (for a Meatpacking venue) heavy booking, then this one is an absolute must. But remember, no stabbing in the pit, kids.

Sunday, doors at 5pm

2) The Punch Brothers, Jeffrey Lewis at Bowery Ballroom

OK, not to spoil any future surprises or anything, but if there’s a bluegrass show in town it’s going to make the list. This is a personal policy of mine—some people don’t sleep with other people until the fourth date, I don’t ignore bluegrass shows—but even if I weren’t such a pickn’, grinnin’ floozy, The Punch Brothers, lead by the virtuosic mandolin work (laugh it up) of Chris Thile, more than deserve a starting 2-guard slot on this Weekender’s roster (and for fuck’s sake, might as well start em’ for the Nets, they can’t get any worse).

Saturday, doors at 8pm

1) Lucero, Nude Beach at Brooklyn Bowl

As you, a loyal purveyor of MSL’s recent holiday music journalism goodness, by now know, single-barrel bourbon boys Lucero and partners in anachronistic crime, The Hold Steady, are set to play a New Year’s Eve show just a hop, skip, and a PATH train away from our own carefully-curated culture enclave here in Brooklyn. Thankfully for those like myself (militantly homebodied and unflinchingly dubious of celebrations based upon the concept of optimism) Lucero are in the borough this weekend for a two-night stand, the first of which comes spiked with an opening set from local Tom Petty-spawn, Nude Beach. So grab a lane, a whiskey, and some above-waist denim and enjoy the last gasp of rock n’ roll before some hot new 2013 trend forces it into early, pension-assisted retirement.

Friday, doors at 8pm


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