Record Companies Are Faking YouTube Views

When I wrote the intro-graph for our year-end top album feature, I made brief mention of how the music industry seems to have caught up to the internet in 2012. I didn’t elaborate, but it seems that record companies finally (begrudgingly) view the internet as a promotional tool instead of an enemy that they should destroy at all costs.

That sentiment became more apparent today. YouTube has deleted over two billion fake video views on Universal, Sony and RCA’s channels, according to an aggregated report from Toms Guide. The companies reportedly used social media steroids like Fiverr to create video views that never actually happened; a violation of the site’s terms of service.

Sony/BMG was by far the biggest user of YouTube performance-enhancing drugs, as they saw their views deflate from 850 million to 2.3 million; the equivalent of comparing a photo of Barry Bonds from 2004 to today. Or having an auto-dialer hit up The Box to request the same Puff Daddy video 700,000 times in a row.

On that note; let’s enjoy the travesty that is Puff Daddy’s Come With Me:

  • Mark

    Maybe that explains Gangnam Style?

  • Peter Rittweger

    If only they used their powers for good…