“Django was ill without it”: the Frank Ocean Song

So Frank Ocean was meant to have an original song worked into Quentin Tarantino’s newest jaunt “Django Unchained,” which hits theaters tomorrow. The movie, as most of you may know, chronicles the adventures of Django (Jamie Foxx), as he travels with a bounty hunter (the gleefully menacing Christopher Waltz) to find his wife. Ocean‘s song didn’t make the cut, which Tarantino explained (here). This is the first time Tarantino has collaborated with popular artists for original works.

Today, Ocean posted his song on tumblr — no title – just stating: “Django was ill without it.” You can listen to it over THERE. The music he’s crooning over seems pretty damn fitting for a modernly-soundtracked Western. He also posted the lyrics, read HERE.

The entire soundtrack, with names like Rick Ross (featuring and produced by Jamie Foxx), James Brown & Tupac, John Legend, and notable composers like Ennio Morricone (he did 1982′s “The Thing”) and Luis Bacalov (he did the original “Django” and had a few numbers in “Kill Bill”), can now be heard in one stream, below.