Hear Dent May’s Apocalypse Song “2099″

Ok, so we all sorta knew in the back of our minds the world wasn’t going to end today. Sorry, Mayans. And while there were definitely warning signs this morning (Gangnam style reached 1 billion views? That ENTIRE awful NRA press conference?), it seems like we are here to stay on this ever-warming planet.

So instead of listening to that REM song one more time, or holing up in your apocalypse bunker, watching the trailer for “This Is The End,” let’s lighten up. And Dent May is here to help with that. His take on it:

“Everybody’s talking about the end of the world. A lot of people are pessimistic about the future of mankind. My take is that this is just the beginning for us, and there’s a lot of love left to spread throughout the universe. “2099″ goes out to my fellow dreamers who plan to stick around into the next millennium.”

So here’s his signaturely-happy-go-lucky song “2099,” all about THE END and being optimistic about it. And if you haven’t checked out his album this year, Do Things, I sure suggest you do, today, you know… just in case. (Here’s a stream.)