The Most Buzzed Events of 2012

Today is the second-half of our “blog-o-rhythmic” year-end feature; “The Most Buzzed Events of 2012.”

This one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because it’s in my goddamn blood. We started this two-bit website to make sure you guys were well informed of the best events going on in this fair city. Tracking this stuff can be exhausting, but we do it because we love it.

Today I stand here (or sit here, typing), full of pride, like a blogging Billy Crystal, envelope in hand, ready to open it and bestow buzz-awards on buzzbands, blog rappers, and uhhh… Coldplay (who crack the list thanks to playing with Jay-Z.)

I’m here looking backward today; on the best events of the year, instead of looking forward to all the upcoming events I want to attend. Maybe this is a scrapbook of events you went to this year. Maybe it’s a bunch of shows you didn’t score tickets to because your suck at typing in Ticketmaster’s new unintelligible captchas. Maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead at any of them, because they’re all at pretty corporate venues. Whatever it is, the results are in…

Fiona Apple pretty much owned 2012 from a buzz perspective. She was our most buzzed artist of 2012, so it comes as little surprise that she also had our most buzzed show on October 17 at Terminal 5. She also cracked the top 10 as part of the Governor’s Ball lineup on June 24.


  • - Two of the top ten most buzzed shows in New York were actually in NEW JERSEY.
  • - 12.12.12 was only the third most buzzed show this year, behind Fiona and Rock The Bells.
  • - Brooklyn Vegan readers can take comfort in the fact that Grimes did, in fact, crack the top ten.  Twice, actually.
  • - Animal Collective can brag about a top twenty finish in a “down year.”
  • - Ditto for Best Coast.
  • - TO ALL THE HATERS: Five of the top twenty-five shows were at Terminal 5.
  • - Pitchfork really loves Autre Ne Veut and Mykki Blanco; watch out.
  • - Baffled at number 22 on BrooklynVegan.