“Nirvana” – Cut Me Some Slack

Alright, by now you all know about this; Paul McCartney fronted a re-united Nirvana last night at the big 12.12.12 Sandy benefit.  I joked about it on Twitter at great length.

NOBODY expected a new track from this hyper-surreal pairing, but those in attendance at the Garden (and the billions who watched on television and bitched about Kanye West on social media) were treated to the first new Nirvana track since the Clinton administration, Cut Me Some Slack, with none other than Sir Paul McCartney on lead guitar and vocals.

This is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too goddamn surreal to exclude from the My Social List blog, so I’ve got a YouTube video of the track embedded for ya below.

I’m sort of at a loss for words.

McCartney is a pretty friggin bulletproof selection to step in for Cobain (we forgave him for Wings, no?), even if the pairing makes about as much sonic and aesthetic sense as GG Allin joining N’Sync.

The result is something that’s better than the album Soundgarden dumped out a couple of weeks ago, though that’s not saying too much.  Kinda reminds me of a more aggressive Stone Temple Pilots or maybe *shudder* Audioslave.  It worked as well as it could have, but ultimately, this somewhat forgivable atrocity didn’t need to happen.

Courtney Love is reportedly ”not pleased,” not that anyone gives a flying fuck.  I’m guessing it’s because the Hole reunion with Yoko on sitar was axed from the bill.