Late Night TV is Can’t Miss TV Tonight

Anddddddddddd the hyper-surrealism continues for a second consecutive night on national television. Maybe we should give the Mayans a little more credit for this whole apocalypse thing?

Before you hop on a plane with new-found credence and scale Chichen Itza to scream for retribution from the Mayan overlords, tune into ABC and CBS tonight, and maybe shoot the gods a text message and ask them to air the following two segments at different times so you can catch em both.

Rarely do I condone staying in on a Thursday night (this is a SOCIAL site,) but two of our favorite artists are making their network debuts on this chilly December eve. Dan Deacon is bringing his brilliant mobile light show to Kimmel (for real) and DIIV will shred the shit out of Letterman’s stage, capping off a meteoric rise from the bedroom to lofts and basements to headlining mid-sized Bowery Presents venues to network television in just a year.

DIIV ditched the final leg of their tour with Japandroids for the glitz and glamour of a late night stage; which means they’re back home and don’t have any shows scheduled until their late January dates with Widowspeak at Brooklyn Bowl.  I would be pretty surprised if they decided to just chill out for a month, after playing approximately 743 shows in Brooklyn this year.  Stay tuned; I would not be shocked if we had a last minute announcement for Zachary Cole Smith & Co.