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Vegas indie rockers, Imagine Dragons, are hitting up Roseland Ballroom for a show on February 23rd. The group formed in 2008 and has since released two EPs and a full length album this year which featured crazy popular hit “It’s Time”…yeah you know that little ditty that was all over Glee and the promos for The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Their last US tour sold out completely, so you’re going to want to get your hands on tickets for this round of shows, and guess what? I’ve got the pre-sale code for you. Grab your pre-sale tickets today at 10am and when you’re checking out just enter the word: harmony.

So I have a special place in my heart for Night Moves. Mainly because they have this amazing psychedelic sound and also because they just happen to be from my home state (Minnesota – in case you haven’t been following my previous proclamations of love for MN based artists). The trio are headlining a show at The Mercury Lounge on January 19th with Brooklyn’s own Heavenly Beat. They recently released their LP Colored Emotions this year and some of my favorite tracks include “Headlights”, “Family Tongues” and “Country Queen“. Grab your pre-sale tickest today at noon, should be a solid show.

Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic has the coolest little psych-pop sound. Their latest LP, A Different Ship, was released this year to some stellar reviews.  I’d have to agree that it’s a well put together album, with clean sounds and tantalizing synth beats. Check out tracks “Alone But Moving” and “How Do I Know” to get in the mood and get your tickets for the group’s show at le poisson rouge on January 17th. Tickets are on sale at 10am today.

Wednesday, December 12th at 10:00am
Imagine Dragons @ Roseland Ballroom on 02/23 – $27 – $35
Here We Go Magic @ (le) poisson rouge on 01/17 – $15 

Wednesday, December 12th at 12:00pm
Night Moves @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/19 – $10 – $12
Dead Heart Bloom @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/30 – $10
Annuals @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/12 – $10
Manitou @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/20 – $10 – $12
Miniboone @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/11 – $10
Soraia @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/29 – $10
The Highway @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/06 – $10
Rocky and The Pressers @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/25 – $10
Black Onassis @ The Mercury Lounge on 01/21 – $10
Alpine @ The Mercury Lounge on 03/17 – $10
The Dunwells @ The Mercury Lounge on 02/18 – $10 – $12
The Ruby Suns @ The Mercury Lounge on 03/01 – $10 – $12
People Get Ready @ The Mercury Lounge on 02/08 – $10 – $12

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