My Social List Version 1.1

There’s an absurd amount of shows going on every day here in New York.  We work painstakingly hard to tell you about all the most relevant events going on each and every day, but let’s face it; there’s only SO MANY hours you can possibly spend glued to your computer per day.

That’s why we decided to release our very own iPhone app.  We think it’s the absolute best and most convenient way to keep track of shows in the city (and judging by the reviews, you think so too!)  We’ve released version 1.1 of the app today, which enhances iPhone 5 compatibility (the screen is longer!) and has also improved the sharing of events across social media platforms and iO6 devices.

Download it here, for the price of “on the house,” and check the screenshots below.


✔ Find the hottest shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the whole NYC-metro area
✔ Browse by date or the week ahead
✔ Sort results by “buzz” rank or by distance
✔ Access show details, like lineups and times, venue info, map and phone numbers, ticket purchase info and pricing
✔ Invite your friends to shows via text message
✔ Get insider tips on secret shows, special ticket instructions and more for specific concerts

  • Julio

    I LOVE to read but never have time these days so I listen to books on CD. I think I’m nmebur 245 on the list to check out the first book at the library. At this rate I’ll get to check it out sometime in 2020. I’ve heard great things though!

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