Fidlar “Gimmie Something” Video

LA’s bratty punk rockers Fidlar have a new (sort of?) video for their jam “Gimmie Something,” off upcoming self-titled LP on Mom + Pop Records, due out January 22nd.

The group must love them some Creedence Clearwater Revival, because the video is footage of the ’60s-’70s Southern classic rock group playing for a big crowd, as Fidlar‘s song jangles over it… “back when cocaine was good for you.” Check it out below, in addition to the band’s album details.


Tracklist (listen via links):

1. Cheap Beer
2. Stoked & Broke
3. White on White
4. No Waves
5. Whore
6. Max Can’t Surf
7. Black Out Stout
8. Wake Bake Skate
9. Gimme Something
10. Five to Nine
11. LDA
12. Paycheck
13. Wait for the Man
14. Cocaine

  • Mehmet

    - Marcy, you create such gouroegs stuff! I’ve never purchased an album, b/c I know it would just sit there looking beautiful. I wouldn’t dare ruin it by messing with it I wish I had just a dab of your creativity. I {heart} those badges, really need to get me some.