The Most Buzzed Artists of 2012

I was a journalism student in the earlier part of the millennium  People would constantly ask me why I wanted to dedicate my life to a dying profession.

“You’ll never make any money!”

Okay, this was true.

“The blogs are going to kill everything.”

I never viewed it as such.

I never thought blogs would “kill” journalism; rather, they would evolve journalism into a more accessible, immediate and participatory model; a model we’re beginning to fully realize here in the second decade of the new millennium.

I can think of no industry where blogs exert as much influence as in the music industry. It’s the concept behind this website; we’re here to tell you about the most “buzzed” shows going on each night by literally pulling data from the RSS feeds of nine blogs to tell you which shows are being talked about the most.

Today, we’re here to use that data in a broader sense; to tell you who the most buzzed artists were from those blogs, both as a collective and individually.  We have mined our data, and can literally tell you who the nine blogs we track talked about the most this year.  We can tell you who grabbed the most headlines on Pitchfork; who got the most posts on Brooklyn Vegan.  We can tell you who really mattered in 2012.

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU: I proudly bring you “The Most Buzzed Artists of 2012.”