Ellen is Leaving Los Campesinos!

Hello Sadness is right. After 7 years, 4 albums, 2 EPs, 4 Heat Rashes and hundreds of shows, Ellen Waddell of the brilliant UK outfit Los Campesinos! has decided to move on.

In a heartfelt note on the Los Campesinos! website, Ellen cited her writing as the reason for leaving the band:
“There is not a terribly exciting reason for me leaving, (so please start some exciting rumours), I am just going to try something new. Fulfil my ambitions of becoming a failed writer and developing a opium habit. It’s all going to be very retro. I leave with the upmost love and support from the band, but I have requested my replacement not be too cool.”

Read the full message here. This is such a bummer. Loved you Ellen. Of all the times I’ve seen LC! and spoken with you afterwards, you are a very genuine and lovely person. You’ll be missed! Say it ain’t so. Enjoy the band’s 2 latest videos from 2011′s Hello Sadness, plus a few of my older favorites, below (as LC! says, “I get carried away…”)

“Death to Los Campesinos!” (the formative years)

“My Year In Lists” (fitting)

“You! Me! Dancing!” (that one that made you do a double take when you heard it on TV)

“The Sea Is A Good Place To Think of The Future”