New Texas Is The Reason Tracks

Second-wave emo kids unite!

Texas Is The Reason are kinda like Pearl Jam in that a lot of bands that were directly influenced by them are absolutely terrible. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the band’s discography is some of the best and most understated emo of the 1990s; the golden age of the genre before it got all Myspaced and Hot Topic’d out.  Bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Cap’n Jazz, Jawbreaker and The Appleseed Cast were crafting high quality indie rock; largely influenced by Superchunk, The Smiths and Rites of Spring, only to be later stigmatized by the mall-rock-wave pussy-core we all love to hate (or secretly play when no one else around.)

Anyway, Texas Is The Reason are best known for their landmark 1996 full-length record, Do You Know Who You Are?, which is also now the title of their upcoming re-released discography, slated for release on February 12 via Revelation Records. It includes the full length record, a self-titled EP, two new B-sides and a couple of brand-new (not the band) tracks written in 1997 but recorded in 2012 with J. Robbins called Every Little Girl’s Dream and When Rock N’ Roll Was Just A Baby, the latter of which is streaming on Rolling Stone.  They’ll be touring in the coming year; though no New York City dates have been announced.