Our Best Contest Yet II: The Secret of the Ooze

Don’t worry, we won’t be running a crappy contest entitled “Turtles in Time” tomorrow.

HOWEVER, we are back today with giveaway round two of the two mutant-demon sized Bowery Presents shows this week; so if you missed out on our giveaway for Animal Collective at Terminal 5 or Japandroids and DIIV at Webster Hall (both tomorrow night), we’re giving away another pair of tickets to their Wednesday night sequels.

Tokka (Animal Collective)

Rahzar (Japandroids)

  • Dana Pacifico

    I need to see animal collective tomorrow to make the stress of all my final projects to go away. What better stress reliever than dancing?

  • Bill

    Leonardo: Take the ugly one!
    Raphael: No, you take the ugly one!
    Donatello: I’ll take the ugly one.
    Michaelangelo: Which one’s the ugly one?

  • http://www.mysociallist.com Peter Rittweger

    Donatello: These nets are very effective and very well constructed.

    Michaelangelo: Yeah, remind me to drop a line to Ralph Nader.