Laurel Halo “Sunlight on the Faded”

You might be seeing a lot of “best-of’s” already this month, but 2012 isn’t over for experimental electronic artist Laurel Halo. Her excellent first Hyperdub release, LP Quarantine, which also has probably the best – and bloodiest - cover art, came out this year. It definitely branched out from previous works like King Felix (2010) or even this year’s EP, Spring, under the moniker of the same name.

Laurel’s got one more thing for us: a 12″ coming out next week featuring new track “Sunlight on the Faded,” also on Hyperdub. It’s in the same vein as much of Quarantine, in that her vocals are prominent. Dare I say it’s a little poppy?

Stream and cover art below. And make sure you revisit Quarantine. 

 Laurel Halo - 'Sunlight on the Faded'