Mount Eerie Bringing Brooklyn’s Finest To NYU

Mount Eerie are in town to play a show at NYU for the absurdly low price of $3 tomorrow (free for NYU students) and they’ve got some awesome local openers in Heaven’s Gate and ADVAETA.

ADVAETA is a noisy no-gaze (a nice mix of shoegaze and no-wave…aha.ha.) band from Brooklyn. They’ll be opening up first. They also play a FREE show TONIGHT at Muchmore’s. Info here. Their new song “Chaoz” is below. Take a listen.

Heaven’s Gate is a Brooklyn regular. Their Bandcamp describes them as powergaze, and it’s true. The vocals are more prominent and sound like if Sinead O’Connor was in a punk band. They released a 3-song 7″ in January, High Riser.

The experimental folk outfit Mount Eerie is led by Phil Elverum, who has collaborated with many other musicians, most notably The Microphones, in addition to Mirah, Beat Happening and Little Wings. Mount Eerie have released 2 albums this year, Clear Moon and Ocean Roar. You can listen to both of those here, condensed or separately.

  • Jasper

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