Brooklyn Rock Lottery Returns

It’s 4:30 AM on a Sunday morning and you’re ambling home, tired and intoxicated.  You’re ready to crash.  But you’re hungry.  Nothing is open but the bodega down the street, so you pop in and piss off the night cashier by ordering a sandwich.  He fires up the grill, and you’re standing there idly.  As he curses your name over greasy bacon and crusty day-old rolls, you notice the lotto machine.

Imagine: No more rent.  Drinking alcohol that isn’t in a can.  A wardrobe of clothing that only LOOKS vintage. Owning a car.  The obligatory trip around the world.

The clerk rings you up for your runny egg sandwich, and you figure, “what the hell?”  You buy a lottery ticket.  You pass out, and wake up hungover sometime around 7 PM.  The lotto numbers are announced.  YOU WIN THE GODDAMN LOTTERY.

Fat fucking chance.  Forget about the Mega Millions, and pick up a ticket to the Brooklyn Rock Lottery this Saturday, where you’re guaranteed to reap some reward for a couple of bucks, AND the proceeds are going to Sandy Relief.  The Rock Lottery, now in its third year, puts a bunch of bands in a room together at 10 AM, mixes them up (via lottery) and forces them to form NEW bands.  Each band has to come up with a bunch of new songs (and one cover song is allowed per band) for a set they will play later that evening at Knitting Factory.  This year’s participants include M83, My Morning Jacket, Hospitality, Yuck and many more.  Tickets are on sale now, and we’ve got a full list of participants for you after the jump.


My Morning Jacket
VHS or Beta
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Against Me! / Hold Steady
Nicholas Jaar Live Band / DARKSIDE
Blonde Redhead / The Silent Years
Gang Signs
Holly Miranda
Sunny Day in Glasgow / People Get Ready
The Subjects
Hooray For Earth
Ra Ra Riot