Fiona Apple “Dull Tool”

In February it was revealed that Judd Apatow had recruited Jon Brion to score This Is 40, his new film starring some Apatow regulars: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and Jason Segel. The movie features both original music and an OST with Brion’s production. With both Apatow and Brion involved, it’s no surprise that they reached out to Fiona Apple to do a little something (“Paper Bag” was featured in Bridesmaids, and she did both When the Pawn and Extraordinary Machine with Brion).

“Dull Tool” is Fiona’s first piece written specifically for film. While it’s not her best, it’s still buoyant and lovely and scornful all at once – her bread and butter. Listen & watch the trailer for This is 40: