Hercules And Love Affair “Release Me” (DJ-Kicks)

Disco-house revivalists Hercules and Love Affair, after their excellent self-titled album in 2008, came out with the not-as-amazing (but hey it’s still fun!) Blue Songs. Since then, they’ve been pretty silent as far as new music. Until !K7 asked them to do a DJ-Kicks mix for the series. About a month ago, they released a song, “Release Me,” from it. And now there’s a video…

Of the track, HaLA mastermind Andy Butler had this to say: “…Whitney sounds very Bananarama on it. Mark Pistel busted out his E- Max on this recording with some original samples he compiled in 91, so that made us all dance in the studio.”

The track definitely sounds like it could fit on a Jock Jams tape. And the video goes along with its vintage aesthetic.

Hercules and Love Affair’s DJ-Kicks mix is out today in the U.S.