Azealia Banks “Atlantis”

Azealia Banks looks like she’s straight out of a Windows 95 screensaver in her new video for Fantasea track “Atlantis.” Keeping in theme with her 90′s style and love for all things aquatic, the self-appointed Yung Rapunxel essentially reenacts “The Little Mermaid” if Disney got rid of the “sne” (DIY, get it?)

Azealia has pushed her debut LP Broke with Expensive Taste back to February 12 of next year, but she’s had a busy 2012 nonetheless. Energetic EP 1991 came out in the spring on Interscope, and she independently dropped mixtape Fantasea in July (click respective links to listen/download). She’s also been getting into fashion, even releasing her own lipstick for MAC.

Watch the dance-rap kunt channel Maleficent in “Atlantis”: