Mykki Blanco’s Mixtape Dropped Today

Not only is the world ready for a cross-dressing acid punk rapper; it’s practically begging for one.

And that’s where Mykki Blanco comes in.

Mykki Blanco is the personification of hip-hop’s evolution; stretching the genre to its limits lyrically, musically and aesthetically.  If there’s such thing as a “post-rapper,” Blanco is it, a cross-dressing, sexually ambiguous emcee whose striking appearance and personality are only matched by his aggressive and confrontational lyrical flow.  While Blanco may cast an imposing figure and his mainstream-shattering persona certainly warrants his self-proclaimed title as an “acid punk” rapper, he’s here to party.

This mixtape is a reflection of the lifestyle that my peers and I are living right now, this moment where it feels as if global club culture is connected again, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, the international underground has come together for an all night party that never ends and “Cosmic Angel” is the soundtrack.

In short… Blanco is fucking awesome.  And his/her new mix-tape, Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss dropped today.  We’ve got a free download of it for you here (and it’s streaming after the jump.)  If you missed Mykki’s incredible stage show at CMJ, he opens for Death Grips on Monday, though those tickets are long gone.

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