There Goes The Neighborhood (Literally)

Alternate Title: Williamsburg Is So Over Part 238492739472

Yes, the above image is the real deal.  According to Glide Magazine, the popular Williamsburg bowl-o-show-o-fried-chicken-o-rama will be opening a new location on the Vegas strip, as part of the “LINQ,” a new pedestrian mall linking three Caesers properties.

The new venue’s Twitter claims the new outpost will boast a 2000 capacity music venue and 32 lanes (and Blue Ribbon fried chicken, of course), dwarfing Williamsburg’s 600 capacity, 16 lane complex.  Something tells us that you won’t be catching too many Vegas indie bands (if there are any) at Vegas Bowl.

Godspeed, Brooklyn Bowl.  We wish you the best of luck.  *Obligatory What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas Quip*