Dan Deacon’s Game-Changing App

If not for his music, Dan Deacon is renowned for his innovative and interactive live show; maybe the best live experience in all of music.  I’ve always wondered how he manages to keep things fresh, and it appears as if he won’t disappoint on his upcoming tour.  Dan’s offering a free smartphone app for download that truly makes each attendee a part of the show.  From Dan’s press release:

With the help of his friends Keith Lea (programmer), Patrick McMinn, Alan Resnick and Robert O’Brien, Dan developed an application that, without the use of WiFi or cellular data, turns each phone into a source of synchronized light and sound depending on your location within each venue. A device once thought of as a distraction now turns each show into an ecstatic act of empowerment by turning every concert into a collective one-of-a-kind immersive concert experience.

Again… the live experience turned upside down, and what will probably be the most effective (only effective?) action ever taken against people texting during shows.  Check out the video preview (and download links) of the app below, and put it to use at his two New York shows in November, at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Download the Dan Deacon app from the iTunes App Store:
  • erik

    uhhh, sorta like this? http://hexler.net/software/synk

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  • Estanislao

    My latest thoguht on the meal-sharing thing is something Nick Perrin (NT scholar at Wheaton; former research aid to NTWright) wrote in Jesus the Temple (he’s in my small group, so I have to read his book, right?), about how Jesus giving food the poor was not only a social-boundaries breaker; he was actually forgiving their debts in way. The poor at that time would spend what little they had on food, and Jesus giving it to them when they couldn’t reciprocate not only speaks volumes about the gifts that he gives and his generosity, but that he was providing them with the possibility of further financial freedom. There are almost always layers to what Jesus does, so I wouldn’t reduce the importance of meal-sharing to this, but I think it’s something that’s been generally missed in the interpretation of this part of his ministry.Perrin and Wright I think are both fans of Jubilee debt forgiveness for the purpose of the possibility of financial freedom. Beyond this application, the wheels are turning for me to think through other ways we can mimic this aspect of his ministry in our lives.

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